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Brand development, logo design, PR, social media, charity promotion

Natalie provided us with exceptional service and guidance through a recent social media marketing campaign we ran to promote a charity biking challenge to Paris. We raised over £1,700 and bought three acres of land in Uganda to develop a coffee plantation which will yield for 30 years supporting the village in which it is situated. We highly recommend Natalie.

Chris Crichton, Biking for Beans

Brand development, logo design, social media

Being a novice at marketing, and trying to set up a new antique business, I turned to Natalie for help. She was great value and opened up the doors to social media, and how it could relate to the business. Natalie developed an eye catching brand and logo for the business and arranged the production of all the advertising. Natalie gave me the confidence to tackle the competitive world of retail.

Richard Akenhead (Richpickins)

Brand development, logo design, PR, artwork design, marketing strategy, social media

Natalie, how can I thank you enough, you came and revitalised the market by giving us a fresh pair of eyes, looked at what we were doing and how we could improve how people saw us. You quietly steered us onto social media (Facebook) and got our message out there, which in turn brought new faces into the market. Your sterling PR work got the market into the local papers and magazines and all of a sudden the dates are being published more. Lastly you got us mentioned on the local radio station. You have got the farmers’ market onto so many different platforms and left no stone unturned. There really is no excuse as to why people don’t know about us.

Elaine Pudge, Woolhope Farmers’ Market

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world. Buddha

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